A Hearty thanks to the 2,346 of you voters who turned out to vote for me.
One percent ain't bad for not having much time to campaign and having a budget of $0.  See you all next time.

Hello Missouri.  My name is Al Newberry, and I would like to represent Missouri's District 5 in Congress.

On this website, you will find my positions on the key issues, information about libertarianism and the Libertarian Party, personal information about me, and other content I may find relevant to the cause.  Further down the page, new information will appear often.

Harry Browne, Libertarian for

Due to problems I couldn't work out with the e-groups list (No fault of E-groups), just send an e-mail to al2000@worldshare.net and I will add you to the list which I will do manually.  If you already subscribed, I have it already.  Thank you.

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